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Nadine Sabulsky

Since 2010, Nadine Sabulsky has been a successful professional life coach, motivational speaker, and best selling author of several self-help books focusing on improving relationships, sex, conflict resolution, unleashing creativity, and meditation.

She first rose to fame as The Naked Life Coach with her revolutionary method of incorporating nudity into her coaching sessions which she utilized to inspire a different perspective from the listeners and more creative thinking.

MindBodyWizard.com is her newest site designed to offer online video courses in the areas of mind-body mastery of all sorts, including physical health, fitness, emotional health, and more!


What Is The

Emotional Mastery Course?

The Emotional Mastery Process

The process to gain emotional mastery is:

1) Take a short training course so you will truly understand how your mind and body actually work (knowledge is power!)

2) Do a two-minute mental/emotional exercise (I walk you through it, and there's even an audio download you can use to do it flawlessly each time), three times a day for thirty days.


What the Emotional Mastery Course can do for you

  • Wake up feeling peaceful and happy every day!
  • Make all your relationships Fabulous! ... Even the one with yourself.
  • Improve your communication skills - when you're at peace with yourself, communicating and receiving your wants and needs becomes much easier​.
  • Have more energy and be able to focus on what's really important to you!
  • Unleash your creativity!

"What's Your Problem?"

-Do you often feel anxious, depressed, angry, or stressed out?

-Do you have addictions causing you heartache?
-Have you had your heart broken?

-Do you suffer from physical or psychological trauma or PTSD?

-Have you tried traditional therapy, to little or no effect? 

-Do you find that despite how much you've learned and grown there still seems to be something blocking you from advancing yourself?

What I have found is that emotions themselves are addictive!

I used to get caught up in the daily struggle of saying, "But how can I be happy when... Why I am stuck doing things I don't like just to survive? How can I be happy when... I have all these big dreams and goals, why haven't I accomplished them yet?"

What I found out was that that feeling, the feeling that I couldn't be happy until XYZ happened, was an illusion, albeit a powerful and yes, addictive, illusion.

And that it was, in fact, possible to choose what emotions I feel on a daily basis.

After two years of conscious effort, I found out how to cure my addiction to stress and struggle. And what I learned along the way helped me develop a system I could use with my clients to help them change their emotional baseline in 30 days or less with just one initial training session and then just 2 minutes of practice 3 times a day!

this system has helped my clients overcome:

From Hurt, Angry, and Hateful, to Waking Up Happy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Anger issues
  • Chronic Stress
  • Addiction
  • Even PTSD!
Learn How To Shift Out Of:
  • Stress

  • Anger

  • Fear & Anxiety

  • PTSD & Phobias

  • Guilt or Shame & Blame

  • Lust, Envy & Jealousy

  • Grief, Sadness & Depression

  • Addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, internet, porn/sex, food, etc.)

  • You can even overcome Insomnia!

And To Shift Into:
  • Love

  • Happiness

  • Peace

  • Gratitude

  • Pride

  • Joy

  • Excitement

  • Motivation

  • Success

This course will, quite literally, change your life forever

Take back your personal power starting now! Through this course I'll show you how to keep from being made a victim of your environment, other's actions, or even your own biochemistry!

Since 2010, one of the most valuable ways I've helped my clients is through showing them how resetting their emotional baseline helps them achieve balance AND success in all the rest of their life areas - from the bedroom to the boardroom!


Changing your whole life can seem like hard work, but the only thing that's actually hard about it is the daily repetitive mental, emotional, and sometimes physical struggle you put on yourself to get through it. This course demonstrates how to take that stress off of yourself with just a few simple but unusual tweaks that really work!

What do you mean by "Emotional Baseline"?

To find your emotional baseline, you first need to understand that each emotional response you feel actually generates a physical chemical release in your body. For example: stress releases cortisol, anger releases adrenaline, love releases oxytocin, happiness serotonin, and so on. That's a very simplified overview and there can be additional chemicals such as nor-adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins and so forth in the mix. What's important to understand about this is that we each literally become *addicted* to these emotional cocktails and our subconscious craving for them leads us into the same sorts of situations that cause our emotions to run wild and our bodies to continue releasing those chemicals .


For example, if we're addicted to stress, we will keep seeking stressful situations, people, or circumstances. While different people stress about different things, it's not coincidental that they find themselves reliving the stressful story over and over. This same pattern can be seen repeating in many different aspects of life such as attracting (or being attracted to) the "wrong partner".  Sound familiar?


Whatever keeps happening in your life whether it's stress, anxiety, anger, depression, or external addictions, it's all caused by this unconscious addiction to our emotional state. Usually we have one or two that are our go-to emotional state so ask yourself, "What emotion do you feel most often, if not even on a daily basis?" The answer to that question is your emotional baseline.

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Mike Seward (Testimonial)
Mike Seward

"Resetting my emotional baseline took me from hurt, angry, and hateful, to waking up happy"