The Essential Key to Law of Attraction is NOT what you think…

So many people try to ‘think positive’. Now, especially with this Covid-19 crisis going on, that may be exceedingly difficult. Even in ordinary times, we have so many thoughts on a daily basis, that ensuring each of them is ‘positive’ is a challenging, if not impossible, task.

“Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s an average of 2500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour. That’s incredible. Other experts estimate a smaller number, of 50,000 thoughts per day, which means about 2100 thoughts per hour.” – Success Consciousness blog

In 2011, I published my book on conscious manifestation, i.e. the Law of Attraction (LOA), ‘Living the Naked Life: 10 Ways to Expose Your Unlimited Creation Abilities‘.

Now… after teaching and practicing LOA for so many years, I can really break it down into one simple concept:

You get MORE of whatever you focus on.

And your foci are;

  • Your Beliefs
  • Your Thoughts
  • Your Feelings
  • Your Words, and, finally,
  • Your Actions.

The key to consciously using LOA to get everything you want to experience in life, is to get all those factors; your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, into alignment, both within (so you have no internal contradictions), as well as in alignment with the external result you want to experience.

So, for example, say you want to meet your perfect partner. If part of you has a belief that s/he must exist, that is in alignment with the possibility of meeting that person. However, if another part of you thinks “this is so hard”, and if you feel discouraged, those two parts are creating an internal conflict, as well as being out of alignment with the potential reality you want to have.

In turn, those out-of-alignment parts will cause you to either fail to take proper words and actions, or will cause your words and actions to be ineffective.

In all my experience, what has been the essential key to effectively utilizing Law of Attraction principles, has been learning to master my emotional state.

I used to be a really stressed out person. Back then, I thought, “how can I be happy when… I have all these huge goals and ambitions for my life, yet I’m ‘stuck’ down here, doing the daily grind, just to survive?”

Until one day… I stumbled upon one of the, if not the, most important concepts I’ve ever discovered

“Happiness is a Matter of Choice, not Chance.”

Now, back when I first encountered this concept, the only way I knew to apply it was to work on consciously shifting my thoughts, to try to think positive, and I used a mantra over and over, whenever I caught myself feeling stressed out, I would say “I am happy, I love my life”.

It took a couple of years.

Doing it through mantras alone is possible, it’s just not very fast, or efficient, haha!

As I began coaching people on LOA, more and more it seemed to come down to teaching, not just positive thinking methods (which are still a valuable part of the process, btw), but positive FEELING processes.

I studied neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, and anything and everything I could find on this topic, from the latest psychological research, to addiction studies, mind-body research, clinical trials, placebo studies, and more!

Over time, I got better and better at not only helping people think in better ways, but in helping them feel better, and plugging that emotional component into the LOA method as a whole.

Now, instead of years and mantras, I understand how helping my clients create a healthy and positive emotional baseline can be done in a month or less!

I’ve been coaching people one-on-one how to do that for over 5 years, and I’ve gotten it down to a science.

Not only is Emotional Mastery the key to Law of Attraction, this method also allows anyone to overcome stress, anxiety, depression,  abuse or trauma and PTSD, even all forms of addiction!

That being said, not everyone can afford one-on-one coaching. So, I’ve decided to offer a group coaching program, explicitly on this fundamental element of the Law of Attraction.

This group program starts Sunday. Right now, I’m inviting people to enroll in the beta program, and I’m offering a deep discount for early adopters, in exchange for an honest review of the class experience.

The class will take place via Zoom (free online meeting software), and it will be live and interactive, so I can answer everyone’s questions and make sure each of you gets the best training, just like I do in one-on-one.

It’s starting this Sunday, and the pre-launch special is a deep discount. When it goes live, the price for the program will be $1,497, however if you get in by Saturday night at 11 PM MST-AZ, you will get it for 70% off.

If you’re unsure if this program is for you, I’m also offering a 50% discount so you can ‘try before you buy’ – your card will be charged $747 a full 48 hours after the class, so if you don’t like it, just let me know and I’ll void the transaction and you’ll never be charged.

If you’re gung-ho and you know you want it, I’m offering a Pay Today option of only $497, that’s 70% off the normal program rate!


Here’s what we’ll be covering in the program over the next 4 weeks:

  1. How to start feeling good all the time, from the very first session!
  2. Learn what type of brain you have and how your brain actually works
  3. How to discover your current Emotional Baseline (EB)
  4. How to figure out exactly what you want to reset your EB to
  5. How to overcome a lifetime of trauma and/or abuse in less than an hour
  6. How to choose the specific processes that will work for you (there’s over 50 different processes, but most people only need the 3-5 that work for their brain type)
  7. How to uncover your hidden beliefs or thought patterns that feed your EB
  8. What you can quickly do to keep your emotions from overwhelming you in the moment, as well as how to easily resolve and let go of past emotions that are still hanging around.
  9. A fast, fun, and easy way to get your inner critic on your side for once
  10. How addiction works, and what even you are addicted to
  11. How to totally change your life in 30 Days, by doing JUST THESE 2 THINGS for only 10 minutes a day
  12. How to stay on track and not get sucked back into the old emotional state

You’ll also get these BONUSES

Bonus #1: Shifting to a Positive Mindset Guide + Daily Checklist

Bonus #2: Building Emotional Intelligence eBook

Bonus #3: Design Your Dream Life Worksheets and Templates (a $1,997 value by itself! – these are the exact processes I use with my clients)


Ready to Grow?



Happy on a Daily Basis

“I think it’s a great program. It’s really taught me a lot of great tools to help with my emotions and deal with everything. I’m a lot more happy on a daily basis, and I feel more positive energy around me and a more positive attitude. My advice would be to do it. It really changes you, it really helps.”

~ Chris Hjelkrem ~

A Fun Way to Get Over My Insomnia & PTSD

“I actually have a sleep app, and prior to [the Emotional Mastery program] I was barely sleeping and it was broken sleep. Since then, I’ve been averaging an unheard of amount of sleep. The entire problem has seemingly been eradicated. I haven’t had any weird anxious reactions to my PTSD triggers either. A complete success! This is amazing, and you might not think it would actually work, but it does. I recommend it highly. It’s effective and powerful, and fun to play with your subconscious!”

~ Z.C. ~

Better Than 10 Years of Therapy!

“Had my first session… I was surprised… My walls came down. I accomplished more in 1 or 2 hours tonight than I’ve done in over a decade of therapy. It was an amazing experience… Best way I can describe it, is it was very freeing.”

~ Steve Burbo ~

From Hurt, Angry & Hateful, to Waking Up Happy!

“I was abandoned at a young age… my hurt turned to anger, my anger turned to hate, and it led to drug & alcohol addiction, and spiraled out of control. [After the] Emotional Baseline reset, I woke up happy. That’s a powerful thing, that at age 40, something I’ve never experienced since I was a little kid, to wake up and just be happy!”

~ Michael Seward ~
Owner – PopArt29

I Healed My Inner Child

“It’s far better than traditional therapy. I’m more successful, I feel I’m able to do a lot more, I’m able to manage my stress better, and my relationships are much better. I feel a lot more self-confidence and I feel less shame.”

~ Paul Phillips ~
Founder Phoenix Polyamory Association

I Reset All My Mental & Emotional Structures!

“I would absolutely recommend Nadine. In life’s trials or our goals, anything that we go through or want to do,  Naked Life Coaching and Nadine’s help can be an extremely instrumental guide into overcoming or achieving these things.”

~ Gypsy ~

I Overcame My Heartbreak & Learned Coping Skills

“I was having a lot of problems because of a really traumatic breakup… a lot of unwanted thoughts about the breakup, my ex, and my self-worth. It was difficult to engage with normal everyday problems… they were crippling. [The Emotional Mastery program processes] have really given me a set of coping tools. I was finally able to laugh again.”

~ Ara Shirinian ~

No More PTSD!

“I don’t have flashbacks any more, or have to re-experience my trauma. The Emotional Mastery program helped me take control of my emotions, rather than being ruled by them. I finally feel free of all the burdens of my past and can move forward and start everything in a new light.”

~ Suzie Regnier Bellerose ~

I Have More Energy Than I Ever Had!

“My life turned around completely. She’s got the answers for everything and it makes so much sense. I really enjoyed the coaching process because it was very easy, and very thorough, and very uncomplicated.”

~ Mark Sherman ~
All Star Entertainment

This Totally Improved Our Relationship!

“I would highly recommend Nadine if you’re having any problems in your life, if it’s a relationship problem or just internal emotions, or any kind of issues that you’re having with your past, I feel that everybody needs the Emotional Mastery, no matter what, and it’s so easy to do that anybody can do it, and you’ll have results on the first try, you’ll immediately feel a difference. Thank you, Nadine!”

~ Levi Henry ~

“Its been a good experience. I learned how to make myself happier, accept things that are and deal with them, figure out where I’m at and where I’m going, and figure out how to help him.”

~ Daniel Butts ~

PS: If you’re unsure if this is for you, I’ve published a free preview class, exclusively in my Facebook Adventure to True Love group. You’re welcome to watch the video here.

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