Emotional Mastery in 30 days

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Training and 30 Day program to reset your emotional baseline. Useful to overcome stress, depression, anxiety, anger, and PTSD, as well as addiction recovery. See all product details


  • Training videos

  • Training text (for those who prefer to read)

  • Audio download

  • Facebook Mastermind Group membership

The course includes materials for every type and learning style: you will have access to video, audio, downloads of the mental exercise & audio for your convenient use on the go, written segments from the book, and worksheets to use to track your progress, along with live Q&A calls!

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Learn more about what emotions actually are, so you won't become a victim again!

Learn how to change any emotional state in just 90 seconds, with one simple technique.

Learn how to make the emotion(s) you've chosen permanent, for all practical purposes, and you'll also be able to change them by using this method, for all future time!

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Mike Seward (Testimonial)
Mike Seward

"Resetting my emotional baseline took me from hurt, angry, and hateful, to waking up happy"