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Achieve Complete Emotional Balance in 30 Days

Are you stressed, depressed, anxious, angry, or suffer from PTSD or addiction? Let me show you how you can reset your emotional baseline to feel happy, peaceful, or loving, instead!
Discover a permanent state of emotional balance and happiness. This course consists of 1-2 hours video training, followed by doing a 2 minute mental exercise 3 times per day for 30 days. It works, guaranteed! In addition, you'll receive  individual videos addressing specific techniques of how to shift out of each emotional state (anger, stress, anxiety, etc.) and how to shift into the desired emotional states (peace, love, happiness, etc.).

Introduction to Emotional Mastery


Learn how emotions actually work, and how to get them to work for you!


"Logic and feelings aren’t always going to match in humans because of these stupid-ass emotions. They are our strongest component and our biggest frailty. They drive us beyond all expectations and cause us to fail miserably for the dumbest reasons." - Michael Anderle

"What's Your Problem?"

How often do you feel anxious, or depressed, angry, or stressed out?

Are your addictions, if any, causing you heartache?

Do you suffer from heartbreak, trauma, or PTSD?

Have you tried traditional therapy, to little or no effect?

Or, maybe you've learned and grown A LOT, but something is still blocking you?

This course will, quite literally, change your life forever. Take back your personal power starting now! I'll show you how to no longer be a victim, neither of your biochemistry, nor other's actions, nor circumstances!

Since 2010, one of the most valuable ways I've helped my clients is through showing them how resetting your emotional baseline helps you achieve balance AND success in all the rest of your life areas - from the bedroom to the boardroom!

A lot of people think that changing your life is hard work, but what's really hard on you, mentally, emotionally, and even physically, is continuing on in the daily struggle rather than making a few simple but unusual tweaks that really work!

Isn't life just all around easier when you feel good mentally, emotionally, and physically? I know mine sure has been!

I used to be caught up in the daily struggle. I used to say, "But how can I be happy when... I am stuck doing things I don't like just to survive? How can I be happy when... I have all these big dreams and goals I haven't accomplished yet?"

What I found out was that that feeling, the feeling that I couldn't be happy until XYZ happened, was an illusion, albeit a powerful and yes, addictive, illusion.

What I found out was that it is, in fact, possible to choose what emotions I feel on a daily basis.

What I found out was that emotions themselves are addictive!

And I found out how to cure my addiction to stress and struggle. It took me two years of conscious effort. But what I learned along the way helped me figure out a system I could use with my clients to help them change their emotional baseline in 30 days or less, with one training session and then just 2 minutes of practice 3 times a day!


What do I mean when I say emotional baseline?

Let me explain...

First, you need to understand that each emotional response you feel, actually generates a physical chemical to be released in your body. For example: stress releases cortisol, and anger releases adrenaline, love releases oxytocin, happiness serotonin, and so on. That's a very simplified overview and there can be additional chemicals such as nor-adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins and so forth in the mix. What's really important for you to understand about this is that we each literally become *addicted* to these emotional cocktails, and our subconscious craving for them will lead us into the same sorts of situations that will cause our emotions to run wild and our bodies to release the chemicals again.

For example, if we're addicted to stress, we will keep encountering stressful situations, people, or circumstances. While different people stress about different things, it's not coincidental that they find themselves reliving the stressful story over and over. Same goes for any pattern that might occur in your life. Attracting (or being attracted to) the "wrong partner" is another good example.  Sound familiar?

What keeps happening in your life? Whether it's stress, anxiety, anger, depression, or external addictions, it's all caused by this unconscious addiction to our emotional state. And usually we have one or two that are our go-to emotional state. What emotion do you feel most often, if not even on a daily basis? That's your emotional baseline.

Using this system, I've helped my clients overcome:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Anger issues
  • Chronic stress
  • Addiction
  • Even PTSD!

My program teaches you how to easily change your emotional baseline to ANY emotion you'd rather feel!

The choice is yours...

Would you like to go from feeling stressed out, to feeling at peace?
Would you like to shift from being angry to feeling love?
How about from depression to happiness?
Or anxious and panicky, to calmly confident?

Emotional Mastery Program Features

Learn more about what emotions actually are, so you won't become a victim again!

Learn how to change any emotional state in just 90 seconds, with one simple technique.

Learn how to make the emotion(s) you've chosen permanent, for all practical purposes, and you'll also be able to change them by using this method, for all future time!


The course includes materials for every type and learning style: you will have access to video, audio, transcripts of the video/audio, downloads of the mental exercise & audio for your convenient use on the go, written segments from the book, and worksheets to use to track your progress, along with live Q&A calls!


Join our online community, and share your experiences, receive peer support while doing the work in your life, meet like-minded people, and get any questions answered in between the live Q&A calls.

Add a Loved One, FREE

Whether it's your spouse or partner, family member, best friend, or business partner, we've found that having someone actively learning with and supporting each other to make the change always helps!

Alternatively, you can choose to donate the +1 membership to our scholarship fund for individuals who need but can't afford this training.

What People Are Saying

"Resetting my emotional baseline took me from hurt, angry, and hateful, to waking up happy" - Mike Seward


Be like Mike...


"It's a reset button every morning - to choose to be happy and have hope for the future." - Angela Wilson


Live every day with new hope


"I got past my heartbreak, and it's given me a set of coping tools." - Ara Shirinian


Learn the coping skills to master your emotions


The Emotional Mastery Process

The process to gain emotional mastery is:
(1) Take a short training course so you will truly understand how your mind and body actually work (knowledge is power!)
(2) Do a two-minute mental/emotional exercise (I walk you through it, and there's even an audio download you can use to do it flawlessly each time), three times a day for thirty days.

Along the way, join our community, share your experience, and get any questions answered.

Learn tried and true ways to shift out of the specific emotions you have, and into the emotions you want to have. The course includes segments covering how to shift out of:

  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Fear & Anxiety
  • PTSD & Phobias
  • Guilt or Shame & Blame
  • Lust, Envy & Jealousy
  • Grief, Sadness & Depression
  • Addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, internet, porn/sex, food, etc.)
  • You can even overcome Insomnia!

Conversely, we'll also examine ways to shift into:

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Peace
  • Gratitude
  • Pride
  • Joy
  • Success

Take charge of your emotions today, you deserve to be happy now (or whatever emotion you choose) because you ARE worth it!


You may be wondering, will this process turn me into an "emotional robot" or make me fake-happy ALL THE TIME? Just to clarify, this process simply gives you a lot more tools and resilience to handle your emotions in a masterful way. You'll still be able to feel the normal emotional response to life's unpredictable waves, yet after taking this course, you'll bounce back faster to the new emotional baseline you've chosen and established, and you'll break away from old patterns of behavior that used to feed your previous emotional baseline, such as attracting troublesome partners, working too much, substance abuse, finding things to get angry or upset about, etc. If anything, this program will give you access to a larger and deeper palette of emotional response and self control.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” —Albert Schweitzer, Winner of Nobel Peace Prize


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